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Come See Us! Bitcoin 2022 Miami

On Stage April 6th at 2:45PM EDT

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Welcome To Biofuel Mining

As a certified B Corporation, Biofuel Mining is answering the call to be a socially and environmentally responsible corporation by focusing our efforts on clean renewable energy and uplifting economically disadvantage communities. Crypto mining and data center colocating is the essence of our operation with our goal being to create an abundance of employment opportunity in Appalachia. Biofuel Mining will revive a region which was decimated by the loss of the coal industry and help transition Appalachia towards a green economy!

Awareness on Pollution

Biofuel Mining generates carbon zero energy by removing pollutants from landfills and injecting the waste into a gasification process. Biofuel Mining’s goal is to locate gasification facilities across the U.S. and turn an unwanted, harmful waste into clean renewable energy.

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Coal Bed Methane Extraction

Biofuel Mining is aggressively locating and drilling coal bed methane. Coal bed methane extraction and capture will rid the earth of harmful emissions, while providing Biofuel Mining with an abundance of clean energy.

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COLOCATE for Renewable Energy Credits

Businesses that colocate with Biofuel Mining will earn renewable energy credits.

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Stop Global Warming

Join Biofuel Mining to reverse global warming and create green sustainable jobs throughout Appalachia.

Our Work

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Move Your Data Center Needs - To Biofuel Mining

There is an enormous difference from carbon neutral to carbon zero. At Biofuel Mining we only know zero and renewables. Let us help you meet your sustainability goals.

Come Meet Us!

We are Presenting at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami

Please come see us on stage at 10AM on April 6th! Learn the details and the potential of how our ESG initiatives and technology will help the Bitcoin Mining community and environment.